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Richard Greathead

Health Food Market

Richard Greathead

Health Food Market

Richard Greathead is an entrepreneur and businessman living in Lancashire and working in the health food industry where he’s currently serving as the CEO of Nutrition Group PLC and Healthspark Ltd.

With Richard Greathead at its helm, Nutrition Group PLC is the fastest growing contract manufacturer in the United Kingdom within the Health Supplements and Sports Nutrition sectors of the market. Among the products they manufacture here are traditional vitamin and multivitamins, bone health and osteoporosis supplements, probiotics and prebiotics, pet health and nutrition products, and so many more.

Nutrition Group PLC is committed to becoming the leading contract manufacturer of VMS and Sports Nutrition Products in the United Kingdom, while never losing their commitment to keeping the customer at the heart of their business. To help them succeed in their mission, they adhere to the following five principles: Be market-driven; be profit-conscious, be action-oriented, be reliable, and be team players. 

In May of 2019, Nutrition Group PLC announced an incredibly exciting, multi-million pound expansion plan. Along with a new manufacturing facility in Blackpool, the company is expanding its line to include innovative protein-packed snacks for the busy, health-conscious individual. The new facility will be able to manufacture an excess of 100m bars and bites per year. Richard Greathead could not be more excited or proud of Nutrition Group PLC. The expansion occurs as the company celebrates its 25 anniversary—a testament to the company’s hardwork and growth. 

Healthspark Ltd., established in 2008 by industry leaders, provides its customers with innovative and successful health supplements, sports nutrition, and functional food new product developments and wholesale services. The experience that Healthspark brings to design, supply chain, sourcing, manufacturing, and regulation is just one of the reasons why it makes an irresistible brand with which to partner.

With a team full of dynamic, young entrepreneurs and a business model focused on realizing innovation, Richard Greathead and everyone at Healthspark aspire to lead the industry in New Product Development with trending ingredients and eventually evolve the leading functional categories for the market. The whole team at Healthspark is committed to positioning themselves as a one-stop-shop for a range of product design and manufacturing for various dose forms. They pride themselves in offering the highest-quality products at the best prices.

Recently, Richard Greathead has seen the market starting to change. People are looking more for healthier snacks, especially those higher in protein. As the market changes and as demand changes, Richard Greathead will be introducing changes into his businesses and working with customers to create successful, innovative new products.

Richard Greathead got started in business at a young age, working in his family’s business. He was involved in the business from the age of 14, where he was schooled by his father, Peter Greathead, a successful businessman. He took over as Director of the business at 25, and eventually worked his way up to CEO.

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