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Social media made health and fitness mainstream and trendy in the past few years, and 2018 was no exception. Fitness and health professionals are now making educated guesses on what 2019 will bring when it comes to working out and eating healthier.

Increased Focus on Recovery

Professionals suggest that, when it comes to fitness, individuals will become more conscious of the way their bodies recover from workouts. With the increase in meditation, stretching, and sleep aid apps, as well as the increasingly popular foam-rolling routines, this comes as no surprise.

Companies are understanding that, for many people, sometimes going to the gym is the easy part. What becomes difficult to people is how to take care of their bodies with food and nutrients. One company, Cute Nutrition, has carved themselves a spot on the wellness market by creating delicious products and an appealing brand that allows women to easily find and understand the best way to support their bodies before and after workouts.

Fitness Fuses With Fashion

Fitness has become fashionable. Some of the top producers of fashion content are now writing articles about how to style your workout clothes after leaving the gym. Models, celebrities, and social media stars have created a culture that takes performance-wear into the real world.

With an ever-growing social media spotlight on health and fitness, gym-goers are more determined than ever to find high-quality, low cost, and attractive workout clothes. One only needs to look to the success of GymShark, a performance-wear startup. Using social media and understanding what fitness lovers really want out of their clothes, the founder, Ben Francis, has grown his business into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Expect to see more of GymShark, as well as other fashionable workout gear companies, spring onto the market in 2019.

HIIT Isn’t Going Anywhere

High-Intensity Interval Training is popular for good reason: it’s extremely effective and efficient! For those unaware, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a quick workout (30 minutes or less) that uses short but extreme intervals that are performed at 90-95% of your maximum heart rate. The workout is as safe as any other, and is widely used by athletes for conditioning.

HIIT, because of its intensity, is best in group settings for extra motivation. Luckily, 2019 also will see an increased demand for group workouts. Gyms and fitness companies will cash in on both demands by combining HIIT with other trendy group workouts, like yoga, cycling, and small group weight-lifting classes.

More Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training is proving favorable due to its efficiency, both with time and money. It will most likely be prevalent among young adults who find themselves without the funds to pay for a gym membership. But it should be considered by anyone looking to squeeze in an effective workout.

Bodyweight training focuses on the “everyday movements” we use to sit up, carry things, and get out of vehicles, therefore it’s not only effective, but practical. This kind of workout will also increase body awareness, allowing you to understand what works for your body and what doesn’t.

Though starting a new health and fitness routine at the beginning of a new year can seem cliche, it’s as good as any other time to start. Consider implementing one of these trends to start getting healthy this year – or find one that works best for you! Health and fitness are personal, and even if something is popular, it doesn’t mean it’s the best fit for you and your health needs.