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As modern medicine gains greater insight into the human condition, fascinating connections have come to light. In recent years, the focus on the gut biome, nutrition, brain function, and mental health has revealed complex interactions. These are changing the world of medicine and how professionals approach illness. Many people who have suffered from chronic mental illness are finding solutions to their health issues.

Nutrients The Mind Needs

Nutrients include antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in a form the body can absorb. Good nutrition prevents many degenerative conditions like chronic inflammation and cellular oxidation. These health issues can eventually interrupt normal brain functions. A diet of whole or unprocessed foods that emphasizes fruits and vegetables over animal products increases the good bacteria present in the body. These regulate everything from serotonin to immune system function. All of these affect the way we feel about our daily lives. Researchers have demonstrated through multiple trials that the condition of the gastrointestinal system deeply affects moods. This includes cognitive function, mood management, and recovery from trauma.

Why We Don’t Get The Nutrition We Need

The western diet has become a long list of unhealthy foods. These are highly processed and stripped of the nutritive elements the source ingredients originally had. This not only deprives the body of the nutrients it needs for better health. The processing introduces empty calories. It also introduces several detrimental chemicals that harm the human body on multiple levels.

This gets compounded by another common practice. When we use antibiotics, we wipe out all the good bacteria from the individual body. This adds another level of physical stress on the organic systems. No system in the body operates separately from the others. When something affects one system, it affects the others, as well. From cells to organic systems, long-term degeneration can become longlasting physical and mental illnesses.

Do This Today

Anyone can start making changes today. Try new foods from the produce department of the grocery store. Scale back on those favorite ‘comfort’ foods that replace good health with long naps. Start reading nutrition labels and learn from them. Invest in nutritious foods so you can experience better health. Seek professional health for further guidance.