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Join me on my journey to participate in the National Three Peaks Challenge! From now until my date of participation in June, I will be training to climb the three highest peaks in England, Scotland, and Wales. The event presents an incredible opportunity to challenge yourself physically and mentally while also allowing you to see the beautiful landscape of the British mainland.

As this challenge boasts a total walking distance of 23 miles and a total ascent of 3064 meters, it is definitely not for the weak of heart. Those participating will be climbing the Scafell Pike (978m) in England, the Snowdon mountain (1085m) in Wales, and the Ben Nevis mountain (1345m) in Scotland. The real challenge, though, is that participators should finish their ascent and descent of all three mountains within 24 hours.

Currently, the most recent record was set by Bob Wiseman in 2015. He was able to finish the challenge in 14 hours and 36 minutes. Overall, the record for the fastest climb in history goes to Joss Naylor who completed the challenge in 1971 with a climb that lasted only 11 hours and 56 minutes. In 2017, a man named Ross Malpass was able to cycle the challenge in an incredible 37 hours and 33 minutes.

There are many factors that affect being able to accomplish the challenge in 24 hours, such as traffic, finding someone willing to drive from one location to the next, and weather conditions. The challenge organizers estimate that nearly thirteen hours should be spent hillwalking, which the other eleven are spent driving to the destination. They do not recommend you drive yourself, as driving while tired is highly dangerous.

The organization offers several suggestions on how to complete this challenge within the given time frame. They also offer an in-depth list of supplies necessary to complete your climb, which run from the obvious to more focused recommendations, such as thermal underwear and a backpack rain cover. In essence, they are trying to make you understand that you must be prepared.

Part of this preparedness includes making sure your body is up to par. Over the next few months I will be adapting my eating habits and working out more to get my body ready for the intense climb. Please check back regularly for progress updates, as well as the specific changes I am making to prepare my body!