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Cold and flu season is approaching quickly, and you may find yourself gearing up with extra Vitamin C and OTC cold medicine to prepare. Over-the-counter products are great to have on hand if you fall under the weather this season; they can relieve your symptoms and help you to continue to function throughout your day. However, if you want to avoid getting sick altogether, keeping your immune system up is the best way to go. Your daily actions and emotions impact your immune system. Sleep, stress, and what you eat can give your immune system a good boost, or tear it down and make you more susceptible to illness. 

Diet-wise, there are various ways to give yourself that needed immune boost. Specifically, by eating different superfoods (that are easy to work with and delicious to eat!). Here are a few superfoods that will improve your immune system and overall health:


Dark leafy greens are packed with various vitamins and minerals that all play a role in providing your immune system with that extra boost. Kale is a versatile superfood that’s loaded with anti-inflammatory properties such as flavonoids and other beneficial antioxidants. You can try preparing kale in different ways to keep your meals interesting. Add raw kale to a salad, sautee and season it, or bake a healthy kale chip snack! 


Garlic is often referred to as a “cancer fighter” due to its various anti-cancer properties. Full of antioxidants, regularly adding garlic into your diet can also help lower blood pressure and high cholesterol. It’s a great way to add flavor to your favorite dishes, while you boost your immune system along the way. 


Berries, in general, are a great addition to your everyday diet; they’re delicious, versatile, and full of immune-boosting properties. Blueberries, specifically, are one of the most powerful berries you can adopt into your diet. In addition to being full of Vitamin C and potassium, blueberries carry tons of anti-inflammatory and disease-fighting components. Use them in a quick on-to-go smoothie, drop them into some oats or cereal, or snack on them throughout the day. 


Ginger is a powerful root full of flavor. Like other superfoods, ginger has properties that are meant to relieve inflammation and pain; its also a natural remedy to treat nausea. Add ginger into drinks, teas, and different dishes for an extra kick of flavor.